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What is MasterPeace?

MasterPeace is a global, youth-based, impartial, grassroots peace initiative. In around 50 countries MasterPeace is using music, art, sports and dialogue to mobilize new young leaders for peace building and to prevent new armed conflict. December 2013 UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon awarded the two founders for their ‘most innovative peace project’. By 2020 MasterPeace will work in at least 100 countries and 400 communities, with around 400,000 new young peace-builders.

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MasterPeace Nepal

MasterPeace Nepal is a modern not-for-profit Non Governmental Organization, which is globally working together with those other 50 MasterPeace countries, to learn, grow and share best practices. Within Nepal MasterPeace aims to inspire young people, media and companies to use their talent and energy for peace building, diversity, unity, improving education for boys and girls, and leadership development. We believe this will help to keep young people inside the country and inspire them to co- create a better, sustainable future, with better education and respect for all, which will then be instrumental in creating harmony among the citizens.