“Donate Your Talent Rebuild Nepal “

About “Donate Your Talent Rebuild Nepal ” campaign

To all concerned,

A devastating earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude on the Richter Scale has hit Nepal on the 25th of April. It’s rather impossible to have missed this because it has been all over the news around the world. The tragedy The death-count was sickening and the losses unfathomable. The earth kept on scaring us with a long series of aftershocks but.. The most frightening thing was the second earthquake with a magnitude of no less than 6.8 that shook up Nepal two weeks after the first big hit. Many things that had survived the first quake, were destroyed in the second. Not to mention the loss of more lives still. And still many more aftershocks that torture us in these troubled times. The continuing unrest on the earth makes the people of Nepal afraid to pick up their normal lives. It is for this reason MasterPeace Nepal has started the “DONATE YOUR TALENT  REBUILD NEPAL” campaign.

MasterPeace is nonpolitical, non-religious and nongovernmental. MasterPeace is a grass-root type of organization. This means that it is a people’s initiative for the people. MasterPeace Nepal is a local initiative that is part of this great worldwide movement. MasterPeace Nepal has decided to direct its attention directly to the people in need, the victims of the earthquake that have suffered great losses, human as well as properties and commodities.


How can you donate your talent?

Volunteer/Intern/Researcher : if you want to join MasterPeace Nepal, there are many types of volunteers, internships, or research positions that may support our goals. You may also come up with a goal of your own. We will judge the idea but are very open minded in doing so. You could also immediately start with the construction of a school building or a Health Post. Interested? Send your email to : nepal@masterpeace.org and we’ll contact you, make plans and figure out what you can do for us and what we can do for you. You will be made most welcome. You are most welcome.

Film Making / Graphic Design / Doctoring or Medical Works / Motivational speaking or any other talent for public orientation or even entertainment: We have a need for any kind of talent to help us build our dream and make it a success. So if you consider to donate your talent as well as your efforts, contact us at : nepal@masterpeace.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Support Education Materials : We can also use stuff, things, goods that may support the education efforts we’ve started up only moth before the catastrophe. If you for example have school bags, writing blocks or copy books, pens and pencils, blankets or even cloths. They are welcome and will be put to good use. If you want to gather these things or have ideas for a certain type of item you may be able to lay your hands on, contact us at : nepal@masterpeace.org and we’ll let you know if your efforts are useful. Ask your family, your friends, your neighbors to help gather the items you plan to donate. You may sent them to our postbox: P.O.Box 5282, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Share our Campaign : Finally the easiest way to support us. If you have any sympathy for the stricken people of Nepal. If you think MasterPeace Nepal is a worthwhile cause. If you care just enough to make the smallest effort. Sign the list and promote our endeavor by sharing our story with the following comment: I support the ‘DONATE YOUR TALENT REBUILD NEPAL’ campaign.

You may want add the following hashtags: #DonateYourTalent #RebuildNepal or #DYTRN and even #MaterPeaceNepal

MasterPeace Nepal thanks you very much for your attention and prays for your help, small or extensive, in the knowledge that it is done with the heart, with love.