Education for all

“ Education For All” MasterPeace Nepal organized  Educational Material Distribution  program to more than 60 students in Janata Primary School  with the help of United Nepalese  Student Organization and Nepalese Student  Association Club of the City College, NewYork.

In Earthquake the area of Dhading is more affected and this Janata Primary School is also in danger. The student studying in this school are of economically weak so due to this reason we choose this school. In this program we distribute Pencil, Geometry Box, Bags, Copy, School Dress, etc to the Student.

In this School this type of program is firstly held, hence the Teachers, Students, Guardian, seems so exicted in this program. Bijaya Man Singh the Chairman of United Nepalese Student Organization is very happy to organize this type of program and in coming days also he will organize this kinds of program. As Education plays an important role in our Life so he requested to the student to labor hard to study.

According to the Creative Director of MasterPeace Nepal Punum Khadgi, After  Continuously   working 6 years in the field of Social Welfare and the education to the economically weak student, in the future days also we will help and try our best to upgrade the student.

According to the student they are very interested in study but due to the poor family background they are not able to study quality education and through this kinds of program they are very benefited and help them in their study.