MasterPeace School

Santosh Bidari, MasterPeace Nepal club leader, had always wanted to contribute to the education system in Nepal. When a friend invited him to visit a small village school in Eastern Nepal, he was shocked by its condition. Santosh gathered his MasterPeace Nepal team and started raising funds to develop the infrastructure of the school.

Construction School Building Picture

Creation above Destruction

The club began construction of the MasterPeace School in 2014, the first of its kind. For Santosh, education is the key to promoting peace in communities, emphasizing one of the MasterPeace themes, Creation above Destruction. “I believe that the school will support the Nepal Peace mission of MasterPeace. We believe that peace can only be institutionalized through development in the education system; therefore, this project is going to run a long time and be beneficial for the community as a whole.”

The school

The mission is to provide primary students (children under the age of 10) and teachers with better facilities and infrastructure, protected from rain, in a wind-free location, with sufficient water supply, and good hygienic facilities. Students will be provided with high quality software, laptops, English lessons, educational materials, and peace education.

The MasterPeace school will be a safe place for students to learn, which in the future could prevent them from leaving the village, becoming street children, and getting married at a young age. Santosh and the MasterPeace Nepal team are dedicated to the project and have worked tirelessly to build the school. “Our team used to walk for hours to visit the school at least once a week.”

The people in the village have responded well to the project, volunteering and helping construct the school, demonstrating that they are invested in the education of their children. “The villagers are very happy with the project and they are doing all they can to support us.”