No Parents, No House, No Food but a keen interest in Studying

Al little help van make a big difference in the life of a student that lives in poverty. With this in mind, me and my friends visited Dhading last week to meet 5 students in their own habitat. During this visit, we came to know their living conditions, their family and how they cope with the struggle of life. But we also got a glimpse of how their social environment reacts to the fact that these young people are students. The parents do want to provide a good education for their children. But in fact they are not able to even send their children to a regular school. Let us take 8 year old Santosh Chepang for example.


In the life of all children the mother plays an important role. Our 8 year old Santosh has already lost his mother. He does not even know where his father is so he’s left in the care of his family, that consists only of his grandmother. She passed the age of 65 and is extremely poor. She does not own land or even a house. Their small cottage was built on the property of another… ‘was’ because the earthquake destroyed the building all together. There is no place for them at this point, except for a tent that was issued to them. They were also issued some building materials for a temporary home but they are no longer allowed to use the place they lived before. They do not know where to build a new house and a new life. Let alone if they ever could, being 65 and 8 years of age. On top of this, they have to gather their daily needs by begging, mostly within their community.

But even while the going is this tough, 8 year old Santosh studies in class 3 of the Shree Barahi Primary School. He wants to attend classes daily but he has to provide for him and his grandma so he sometimes manages to attend school 4 times a week, usually no more than 3. Grandma is the only family for Santosh and Santosh is the only family for his grandma. There is no other person to support them.

Through the Scholarship Program of MasterPeace Nepal, Santosh Chepang has received a 2 year scholarship. And although 8 year old Santosh is not able to attend classes full time because of their economic situation, he is studying as much as he can. He is aspiring to become a good and educated person that can do great work for his country.