Press Release

Date : 19th September 2015


 MasterPeace Nepal will be celebrating peace day through fundraising event & storytelling about earthquake that shocked Nepal on 25th April earlier this year on 22nd September, 2015.

MasterPeace is global award-winning grassroots peace movement which celebrates the International Day of Peace by joint music performance across 35 countries for peace and MasterPeace Nepal is organizing fundraising event in USA and story-telling event in Dhading, Nepal.

This year, MasterPeace clubs around the world many of which are located in conflict areas, will organize music events for Peace Day under the theme of ‘MasterPeace Playlist,’ a concept that enables up-and-coming artists in two countries the opportunity to share a platform for a connected performance that takes place all over the world.

In this storytelling event, 10 students are selected by the jury member among 100 students who will be presenting the stories of themselves which they’ve experienced during Nepal Earthquake 2015. Finally the top 5 students are selected in which 1 Primary level, 3 lower secondary level and 1 secondary level students are finalized.

MasterPeace events are spread across the world, with ‘MasterPeace Playlist’ carried in some countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, Myanmar and Philippines, Tunisian and Morocco, Romania and Bulgaria, Colombia and Mexico, Kenya and Zimbabwe, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, India and Bangladesh. With the addition of numerous other countries that are observing the Day of Peace, the global event aims to sending a powerful message across all borders by jointly addressing a common peace topic within each region.

Mohamed Helmy, MasterPeace co-founder and CEO expressed his enthusiasm for the theme this year , “We are stronger together! Our MasterPeace clubs are now more connected than ever, and this theme comes in alignment with our new 2020 strategy which focuses on regionalization and connecting our clubs together regionally to create a wider impact.”

“I believe that artists are the best medium to address sensitive topics, especially in conflict areas. Through their art, they can open up minds and hearts to the most troubling issues placing them in a positive highlight, with MasterPeace Playlist, we give a platform in two cities upon which they can address these topics together” Helmy explained.

Santosh  Bidari ,Country Coordinator of MasterPeace Nepal express, “ Since Nepal had a tragic moment earlier this year by the earthquake. Many people are affected and among which educational institutes are mostly affected in rural Nepal. We came with this idea of storytelling because all the stories could be heard by people around the world through masterpeace network and students will be able to express their feelings about the earthquake which they have not done yet as well as best 5 story teller will be benefitted by a year scholarship in the school. As well as MasterPeace Nepal is also organizing fundraising event in USA at the same time which aims to raise fund for the rebuilding of the schools which were destroyed by earthquake. “

Every year, MasterPeace celebrates the International Day of Peace through a series of events around the world, using music, art, and social media to bring awareness to the day and open a discussion about peace in a local context.

In addition to connecting countries for Peace Day, MasterPeace provides stages for talented young artists to show their talents through widespread MasterPeace events; with diverse acts ranging from dance, theatre, concerts, and other live performances.

About MasterPeace

MasterPeaceis an award-winning grassroots peace movement that officially began in 2011, with offices in Cairo, Utrecht and Mexico City.

MasterPeace’s vision is to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. MasterPeace will help lead the way to a more sustainable world with less armed conflict.

MasterPeace Clubs are currently active in 40 countries, primarily in conflict areas, involving thousands of young peace builders. This year MasterPeace is celebrating Peace Day worldwide with ‘MasterPeace Playlist’ a series of concerts and events pairing two clubs together in the same region.

This year’s celebrations come as a kick-off for second phase ofMasterPeace, following the 2014 tipping point where MasterPeace celebrated Peace Day with ‘MasterPeace in Concert;’ a global music event with concerts in 55 cities around the world united by onemega concert in Amsterdam where the top artists from conflict areas around the world shared one stage.

In 2013, MasterPeace received the UNCA Certificate of Recognition for Innovation in Peace-building, presented by U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. In the same year, its founders Egyptian (Mohamed Helmy) and Dutch (Ilco van Der Linde) were added to the “Top 100 Next Century Innovators” by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Masterpeace is a modern not-for-profit Non Governmental Organization, which is globally working together with those other 50 Masterpeace countries, to learn,grow and share best practices. Within Nepal Masterpeace aims to inspire young people,media and companies to use their talent  and energy for peace building, diversity,unity,improving education for boys and girls, and leadership development. We believe this will help to keep young people inside the country and inspire them to co-create a better,sustainable future, with better education and respect for all, which will then be instrumental in creating harmony among citizens.

We are thankful to the our official partners Himalayan Enchanter,  Ladies America, Global Peace Centre, Star Seed, East West Bridge, Maffeis Networks for the unstinting support for the MasterPeace Nepal.


Santosh Bidari

Country Coordinator

MasterPeace Nepal

For Media request of Interviews, pictures, footage and other Medias contact MS Ashmita Shrestha , Communication and Story Teller at .