Special training to Top 10 Nepali Tara

The Country Coordinator of MasterPeace Neapl Santosh Bidari of  had given a special training to Top10 Nepali Tara Season 3.

In that training Mr. Bidari had given information to Top 10 about the various activities done by Master Peace and the works done for music in the world. According to him all the contestant should be confident and create their own creativity and also encourage to other people.

There is partnership relation between MasterPeace and Nepali Tara 3. So, the Top 10 Nepali tara had different questions about Master Peace. On that occasion all the contestant are given suggestion that,
This Nepali Tara is the competition in which among many contestant only one win. But, if in that competition if we either win or lose we should love our Nepali Music in any condition.

At this present time, Nepali tara Top 10 should give contribution to the Nepali Music and also promote and encourage to the youth of our country. According to Santosh Bidari, various social works that benefit the society are carried out by MasterPeace Nepal and for these work we all should be unity.

In that program all the videos, Photos, are shown to the contestant and according to the contestant these works are very beneficial and they all are ready to support in this kind of works.