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In the time of this writing, more than 7000 people dead. More than 10000 injured. Eight million affected across Nepal. One million children urgently in need of help.

Those are the startling numbers that indicate the scale of the devastation from the huge earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation on Saturday.

Heartbreaking scenes of suffering and loss are playing out across this shell-shocked nation as it reels from its deadliest natural disaster in more than 80 years.

We believe it is time for the world to put creation above destruction and come together united for #Nepal, and we invite MasterPeace supporters everywhere around the world to help our MasterPeace Club in Nepal.

MasterPeace Nepal, one of the most active clubs in the MasterPeace movement, has requested help in light of the recent earthquake. The team and their communities have suffered loss from the tragedy. The club includes around 20 active team members with hundreds of volunteers and is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.


MasterPeace Nepal club leader, Santosh Bidari, has been a true peace ambassador in his country, engaging youth and making an impact. For the past 2 years, the team in Nepal has been the building of the first MasterPeace School ever. The mission is to provide primary students (under the age of 10) with better facilities and infrastructure, high quality software, English lessons, education materials, and peace education. The team is committed to finish the school despite limited resources. The school was due to finish in May; however, difficulties may arise due to the earthquake. Read more about this project.



At the same time, the club has had wide out reach across the country using the message ‘Music Above Fighting.” In 2013, MasterPeace Nepal began a partnership with Nepali Tara, the number 1 music reality television show, has reached millions of households across the country, promoting the MasterPeace message and gaining more support for the movement, and inspiring many to use their talents for peace.


Who Will We Help?

Most of our MasterPeace Nepal club team members had their houses completelt destroyed, it went to ruins.

From the club leader Santosh Bidari, Krisha Sinchuri, Sudeep Basnet, Ashmita Shrestha and others.

Santosh and his team are active peacebuilder, they chose to stay in thier country after the 90s civil war to rebuild it, in the time many Nepalese left for jobs in other countries, they chose to stay and work for peace and education building one of the strongest peace organizations in Nepal.

“I will stay to develop Nepal” said Santosh, the team leader

We can make a big impact for one person, and now is our turn to help Santosh rebuild his home again, after it came to ruins as the pictures displays.

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